SR22 Car Insurance in Florida

Drivers in Florida who have been charged with major traffic violations will need a certain type of certification in order to continue driving. Called SR22 insurance or SR22 financial responsibility, this is a form that is issued by a car insurance company to the states department of motor vehicles. This proves that the holder maintains a high risk car insurance coverage and thus can continue driving.

The problem with car insurance with SR22, aside from its expensive rate, is that the holder must pay the monthly premiums on time. The fact that SR22 insurance is not given by all car insurance companies is another thing that makes getting SR22 financial responsibility quite difficult. Drivers may have to go to an SR22 insurance company to get lower SR22 insurance rates.

It is not that easy to get car insurance with SR22 because not all car insurance firms give SR22 insurance to drivers who need it. The most practical approach in getting car insurance with SR22 is to go to a SR22 insurance company. A specialized SR22 insurance firm usually gives better SR22 car insurance rates. It is also convenient and simple for drivers to get SR22 insurance online. There are many SR22 insurance websites that allow drivers to shop, compare and buy affordable SR22 car insurance.

An auto insurance provider isn’t the one which requires an SR-22 to be maintained, it’s mandated by the courts or a state agency typically following specific traffic infraction such as DUI. State laws vary so it depends upon the state where you had been found guilty of a DUI if they require an SR22 to have your license reinstated or for some other reasons.

If you need to maintain an SR-22 in Florida then you need to be informed. When you have recently relocated or believe you might have overlooked this notification, you need to get hold of your local Department of Motor Vehicles to determine for sure if the financial responsibility certificate is required of you.

When your DUI occurred in Florida, if that is the situation, here’s more info on Florida’s financial responsibility law. According to The Florida Driver’s Handbook, this Financial Responsibility law requires motorists to hold bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance as well as the mandatory PIP and PDL coverages should they have been convicted of certain traffic infractions, which includes DUI or DWI.

If you also you don’t have car insurance to abide by the Financial Responsibility Law, your driver license will be suspended for 3 years. You will need to pay a $15 reinstatement fee and present the department  proof of financial responsibility or SR-22 in Florida for 3 years from the date of the suspension to have your license reinstated

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