What is FR44 Insurance?

Just like an SR22 financial responsibility, auto insurance FR-44 is required by the state after being convicted of DUI. This form has higher limits than SR22.

FR-44 is presently used in Florida and Virgina. The FR-44 became effective in Florida in February 2008. If you have been convicted in FL for DUI after October 2007, then you are allowed to keep the limits in SR22. Now, in February 2008, drivers convicted of DUI are required to up their liability limits.

The liability limits of FR44 is 100/300/50. The previous limits was much lower which is 10/20/10. Drivers are required to have this new liability limits to reinstate their license.

Speakig of reinstatement, the reinstatement fee for the first suspension is $150. For the second suspension, it would cost the driver $250 and $500 for thir suspension.

According to the HSMV website, the Liability Limits do not change for the 2nd or subsequent DUI offense.

An DUI insurance FR-44 is typically required to be kept for three years but state laws are amended and therefore if you carry FR-44 or SR22 in Florida, you will need to check with your state department regarding how long you will need to keep this certificate of liability.

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